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Call recording

Centrebound Call Recording Solutions are FCA and PCI DSS compliant and are designed to be future proof, reliable, secure and easy to operate, adding tangible business benefit for our call recording customers.

Supporting open standards, Centrebound call recording solutions are designed to work with all Telephony, CRM and CTI products and can record on all telephony interface types including trunks (E1, T1 and SIP), analogue or digital extensions, VoIP telephony and mobile phones.

Searching for and replaying call recordings is the most common activity you will perform on your call recording system. That is why the OneView user interface, that is part of every Centrebound call recording system, is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. OneView offers time saving features and has many easy to use tools that make the finding and replaying of call recordings fast and efficient. For example the management tools in OneView allow you to easily track which call recordings have been replayed and by whom and to save regular searches for repeat use.

Centrebound OneView runs in a browser and is the primary user interface allowing call recordings to be located and replayed quickly and easily.

OneView has powerful search capabilities and a host of tools that help users quickly find, replay and share recordings with colleagues.

Designed for busy enviroments, the Playback process is simple and easy to use. Recordings play automatically on selection and can be “looped” or set to play in a sequence.

OneView uses Roles Based Security to apply restrictions to the replay of recordings ensuring that users can only replay the recordings that they are authorised to listen too. Individual restrictions can be easily set by the Administrator on a per-user basis and an Audit Trail Logs user and administrator activities.